Deeplinking & Simple Sign Up

80% of our student and parent users are using Remind via SMS. In order to provide those users with even more value, we need to make it easy to both onboard new users through a flow that is as easy as the SMS flow as well as bring over existing users in a super simple way.

Simple Sign Up

Our idea was to require as little as information as possible to begin with, like email and password, and collect the "nice-to-have" information later. This allows the flow to be nearly indentical to SMS and deeplink users into the app through other methods in the future. To start, we could test out different points of the SMS flow to deeplink the users into the Simple Sign up flow on app. This flow created a "device account" instead of a full account.

Completing Account

Since we were not creating those full accounts, we wanted to make sure it didn't have a negative effect on activation. I designed out a few levels that we could push on the user to complete their account to create that full account. The one we decided to start with was just requiing it on sign out, or else the user would lose their account completely.

Completing Account Flow

Once the user showed intent to complete their account, the only information we needed to gather was email or password.


To cover the 2nd half of our goal, of bringing more existing users over into the app, we wanted to make use of deeplinking to drop the user into the app with as many steps removed as possible.

We had a total of 8 different ways a student or parent could be deeplinked into the app. Since we now had the availability of creating device accounts, instead of full accounts, we needed to determine which flow a deeplinked user could go through.

Our golden rule for which flow to take the user through was determined by if we already had the email address of the user. If so, the only other requirement to have a full account was to ask for password.

Device Account Deeplink Flows

Full Account Deeplink Flows

What's Next

First step is to confirm that a user going through the simplified device flow via deeplinkg does effect conversion of a SMS to mobile app user. If we are successful in that, our second step will be to determine the biggest areas for impact and start implemented all 8 deeplinking flows, prioritized by impact.